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As of January 19th, 2011, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) mandated that all borrowers who had loans governed by their loss mitigation guidelines be informed as to their rights to home retention programs. If you qualify, this program may allow the foreclosure to be stopped in this early stage and the past due payments to be placed at the end of the loan or paid over time. For more information on exercising your rights, call us at 858-222-7534. It is required that you are notified of these options. 80% of borrowers who submit documents to their lenders fail to have their case approved. Let our professional help, even if you have begun the process with your lender and need faster results. Your time to enter a loan modification or repayment plan is running out. Your rights may include: 1. Loan Modification, - we are seeing rates as low as 2 and 3%. 2. Repayment plan. 3. Rate reduction and/or term extension. 4. Putting your past due payments into the balance of the loan. 5. Postponing your auction sale date.




Questions? 1-858-222-7534

-  Loss Mitigation / Loan Modification  -


Right now, Indy Mac, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, GMAC, Wachovia and Ocwen have the most uncooperative, incompliant and difficult loss mitigation departments to deal with. As a home owner, it is very difficult to get them to work with you. They don't return phone calls. They require you send and re-send them applications.

There is a specific reason that you have to submit and re-submit your loan modification application documents to them over and over again. They come up with every excuse in the book as to why to have to send them again. Does this sound familiar?, "we lost your documents" - "they've expired" - "you sent then to the wrong location" - "you forgot a signature" - or "we didn't receive them". Even if you have conformation that they did receive the package, they still claim that they don't have them.

 The reason they come up with all of these excuses is to get you to re-submit them. This is done because every time you to send the same documents, they process them as a "new application". And every time they process a "new application"; they get paid by the government.  So the fact that you have to do it over and over again is no accident, this is done by design. All the while you're incurring more and more late fees. The reason they can give you the run-around and ultimately deny you a permanent modification is because they know you are not an underwriter; you don't know how to exactly submit those "application packets". When your file has been transferred to a different department and then that department has no idea what has transpired or what is going on with your file, this is also done by design, it is, shockingly enough, to get you to send them the same documents again! All the while, you're that much closer to foreclosure because your loan is already in default and they wont except payments!

We have personal relationships with the staff in the Loss Mitigation department with these lenders. More importantly, we know how their game works.

When we submit your case file, it is formatted in a way that is indicative of a program that you're pre-approved for. If the lender does not take timely and cooperative action, they assume liability.

We understand that good people sometimes are in need of help with dealing with their lender. Sometimes foreclosures are a result of an unexpected life event, such as:



  • Unemployment
  • Separation
  • Business failure
  • Family Emergency
  • Market Fluctuation
  • Damage to property
  • Job relocation
  • Military service
  • Divorce
  • Too much debt
  • Payment increase
  • Incarceration
  • Personal Injury
  • Adjustable Rate
  • Changed Jobs or Loss of a Job or Income
  • Difficult and Costly Divorce
  • Unexpected Death in the Family
  • Health Difficulties resulting in expensive Medical Bills


Perhaps you're struggling with increased fuel prices and or utility expenses or an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) that is impossible to keep up with. Maybe you've already experienced filing bankruptcy or were forced to get a forbearance, but turns out that the repayment plan didn't work out. Or maybe your payments, because your mortgage has been sold or traded,  were rerouted or lost . Here is an opportunity to help you get your situation back on track.


Good People Need A Second Chance

Whatever the struggles you are having, we understand how it feels to choose between a mortgage payment or groceries. We understand what it's like to be harassed by continual phone calls from your mortgage lender ... calling you at home, calls at your place of business and letters in the house.

You need to save your home but you're nervous, understandably, because your mortgage lender is asking for too much money. You're not asking that they forgive the loan but you need help getting a payment plan that you can handle. You just need a professional on your side that knows how to negotiate with your lender to get you back on track.

People are like diamonds and so can be their financial situations. We have caring people that understand, who want to help you save your home and get yo back to where you need to be. We have the experience to help you get back in charge of your finances.
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