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Unconventional Mortgages and Loans

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Unconventional Mortgages and Loans

We are a network of knowledgeable and experienced Mortgage Loan Originators, aka Mortgage Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers. We are here to serve you, the borrower.

Work with a State-licenced Mortgage Loan Officer having more to offer than the standard conforming “agency” product, aka Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE): Federal National Mortgage Administration, aka Fannie Mae (FNMA), Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, aka Freddie Mac (FHLMC), Government National Mortgage Association, aka Ginnie Mae (GNMA), Federal Housing Administration, aka FHA, and Veterans Affairs, aka VA, government-regulated lending.

Service is King: We are about home loan options, loan program solutions, diligence, and favorable results. We work with people with poor credit, fair credit, good credit, excellent credit, and perfect credit (zero potential for credit score increase). We serve our borrowers the way they want to be served. We work beyond the capacity of what a conventional lender can provide and the limits of what a conventional loan can accommodate.

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Unconventional Mortgages

Qualified Mortgages “Non-QM” and Non-Qualified Mortgages “Non-QM” are considered Non-Traditional such as the No Doc, Lite Doc, Reduced Doc, SIVA, SISA, and Business Purpose loans.

These are innovated industry leading lenders and loan products: Prime Mortgages, Non-Prime Mortgages, Portfolio Mortgages, Foreign National Mortgages, Investor Mortgages, including DSCR loans, and Investor Bank Statement Loans designed specifically for Real Estate Investors.

Unconventional Mortgage Lenders

The purpose of our unconventional mortgage loan programs is simple. It is to accommodate the needs, wants, and preferences of our borrowers; a full spectrum of credit profile borrowers. Our Prime and Non-Prime documentation solutions serve individuals and sometimes complicated loans.

Our goal is to provide to you a suitable loan program with the features and benefits to meet and satisfy your specific needs criteria with options to help you in all aspects of your new home loan including pricing, terms, and underwriter Conditional Loan Approval conditions.

We are serving our borrowers by providing solutions to their unique or complex credit profile and business profiles borrowers that represent challenging loan scenarios from across the board. Our solutions include Alt Doc mortgages, nonconforming, non-agency, high balance portfolio, asset depletion, alt A, alternative equity financing, investor loans, private equity loans, real estate equity based lending, security based lending, home equity lines of credit, foreclosure bailout loans, hard money mortgages, crossed collateralization mortgages, bridge loans, Investment Property Loans, Jumbo Mortgages, Super Jumbo Mortgages, and various income and employment documentation solutions that do not require two years tax returns and also do not require IRS form 45O6-T or IRS form 45O6-C.

Mortgage Brokers, Loan Officers, Wholesale Lender Account Executives, Direct Lender Representatives, BSR Broker Service Representatives, etc. Various lending institutions for you, the consumer.

We do work with top agency/conventional lenders, too. Particularly the ones offering minimal underwriting guideline overlays and manual underwrite solutions to accomodate credit scores down to 500. We can run Credit Simulator to evaluate potential worthwhile rescore opportunities which could quickly lead to better pricing or a better approval, for you.

Our lender network is an ever-evolving, portfolio-based group of QM and Non-QM “investors” that specialize in unconventional home loans.

Alternative Home Loans

We offer alternative real estate financing including solutions to complex loan scenarios, conventional through unconventional and pretty much everything in between.

Alternative real estate financing is about Non-QM Mortgage lending which means more loan program availability, in-house underwriting, and fewer approval conditions.

Business Purpose Loans

We Business purpose loans are a type of owner occupied/primary residence stated income loan program And is mostly used for cash out for the purpose of business expansion, of any kind. Tell us about your business and we will tell you more about business purpose loans.

Non-Qualified Mortgages

Non-qualified mortgage lenders can offer Interest only loans, 40-year amortization loans, flexible income and employment documentation, as well as different methods of employment verification.

Wholesale Lenders

Delegated and non-delegated (agency and non-agency) lending institutions who offer Qualified Mortgages and Non-Qualified mortgages from QM and Non-QM lenders, each with their own core programs, niche loan programs and in house underwriting teams and systems in place to approve, make decisions, and make favorable progressive happen. Direct lender representatives, correspondent lender representatives, portfolio lender account executives and wholesale lender “broker account executives”, in conjunction with loan officer support platform systems for pre approvals, automated underwriter system approvals, pricing and portal loan submission and dedicated broker service representatives who support the technology and facilitate the process, as well as broker Help-Desk support, specifically for non QM loan scenarios including bank statement, Alt Doc for review and pre underwrite certification, pricing and rate lock pus a community of C-level executives representing a select group of lenders and a committee of loan approval decision-makers in all areas of mortgage lending all in support of your loan officer, to bring you your best mortgage loan.

Alternative Income Documentation

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Non-Qualified Mortgage Lending

Non-Qualified Mortgage Lending

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