Bank Statement Cash Out Refinance Loan Programs | Highlights

No Mortgage Insurance required

Cash Out Refinance to 90% LTV

Personal or Business Bank Statements OK

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Short Sale OK

Investment Non-Owner Occupied to 85% LTV

Loan Amounts to $2,5000,000

Asset Depletion Program

No income documentation required

No employment required

Qualify with enough Liquid Assets to equal loan amount or use 100% of Liquid Assets to cover 7 years / or 84 Months of Principal Interest Tax and Insurance "PITI" and Liabilities (subject to lender)

• Borrower does not have to be currently employed
• This loan program can be combined with any other lender income documentation program
• Borrower only has to show two months of statements from qualifying account

  • 50% Debt to Income Ratio "DTI"
  • 90% LTV for Purchase and Cash Out Refinance

• Down to 500 Credit Score / Fico

Owner Occupied or Investment Property

How It's Calculated: (subject to lender)
If the total assets cover the loan balance, done


84 Months Divided by the total assets to be used


$200,000 in Liquid Assets = $2,380 Additional Monthly Income! 
capital letter of explanation "LOE" documenting source and contemplated Depletion May be required


Bank Statement Loan - Purchase or Refinance Loan Super Jumbo

Income Documents:

Bank Statements (12 or 24 months) or traditional Full Doc

No Liquid Assets required

1 day after Short Sale

600 Credit Score / FICO - $3,000,000 maximum loan amount

500 credit Score / FICO - $750,000 minimum loan amount

Bankruptcy - OK after 2 years

Foreclosure - OK after 2 years

No Prime Lender Product Summary

  • 1 day out of Short Sale up to 80% LTV program with 600 credit score
  • 1 day out of bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale program, maximum LTV is credit score driven
  • Investor - own up to 20 properties - cash out on non-owner occupied / investment property program, reserves not required on all property types
  • Down to 500 middle credit score program - mortgage lates OK
  • Stated Income / Stated Assets program to 70% LTV program, includes Foreign Nationals
  • Bank Statement program for Self Employed, 24 months, no tax returns and no 4506 form to 85% LTV
  • No pre payment penalty, no reserves, no balloon note and no mortgage insurance on all standard programs
  • Non warrantable condos and rural properties program - case by case
  • 85% LTV to $750,000 loan amount, owner occupied program
  • 80% LTV to $1,000,000 loan amount, owner occupied program
  • 75% LTV to $2,000,000 loan amount, owner occupied program
  • Gift down payment and closing cost OK for owner occupied and non owner occupied / Inverstment Property program
  • Gift of equity OK for full down payment and closing costs for owner occupied and non owner occupied program
  • Unlimited cash out up to $1,000,000 loan amount
  • Unlimited cash out up to $2,000,000 to 65% LTV

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Jumbo Second Mortgage

  • Income documentation - 24 Business or Personal bank statements
  • $350,000

Business Entity Loan

  • All trusts are eligible, LLC's, Sub S Corporations, Partnerships
  • Up to 90% LTV

Investor Own up to 20 Financed Properties

Asset Qualifier

  • $3,000,000
  • 70% LTV 
  • 680 Credit Score
  • Cash Out $500,000


  • No Debt-to-Income "DTI" Overlays
  • $100 on select properties from HUD
  • Purchase 96.7% LTV
  • Cash out to 85% LTV
  • Purchase and Rate and Term and cash out
  • Manufacturing Homes OK
  • Condos OK


  • Non-Warrantable Condos to $3,000,000


  • No Overlays
  • No Automated Underwriter Overlays
  • Manual Underwriting Available
  • Maximum Loan Amounts to $1,000,000
  • Manufactured homes and Condos
  • Cash Out 100% LTV


700 Credit Score to 3 Million

Non Conforming Loans to 3 Million

No Tax Returns

  • 700 Middle Score
  • Self Employed and W-2
  • 70% LTV
  • $3,000,000

Bank Statement Loan to 2 Million

  • Personal or Business 

Asset Depletion Jumbo Loan

  • 640 Credit Score
  • $2,000,000
  • Self Employed or Salary Employee

Real Stated Income for California

  • Tax Returns Not Required
  • 4506 Form Not Required
  • W2's or 1099's Not Required

One Day after Short Sale

One Day after Foreclosure


Pre-Qualification Form - No Credit Check


Pre-Qualification Form - No Credit Check

Mortgage Pre Qualification Form - Credit Check Not Required