Manufactured Home Loan Program Cash Out available

Max Cash Out amount - $100,000

Contact a Loan Officer

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Manual underwriting available

50% DTI OK

Owner Occupied only

Property Types: 

1-2 Units

2-4 Unit with 720 credit score



Manufactured Homes

Requires 400 square foot floor space

Must be constructed after June 15 1976

Mortgage must cover the manufactured home and land

Permanent chassis and foundation required

Must not be located in a Manu Home Park

Verbal Verification of Employment required within 3 days of closing date

Permanent and Non-permanent resident aliens OK

Minimum 2 Credit Scores required - utilize lower of the 2

No nontraditional credit

Must have open and active trade lines on credit report

Gift funds OK for partial down payment and closing costs

Gift funds OK for all down payment and closing costs

-requires 620 credit score

Your appraisal is good for 120 days