Asset Depletion Mortgages

Asset Depletion is based on liquid assets and real estate equity. Liquid Assets can be utilized to help a borrower qualify for a mortgage or to just simply strengthen file for more favorable pricing, terms, and conditions.

Liquid assets can also be utilized either as a stand-alone source of qualifying "income" or in conjunction with our other flexible income documentation programs.

Our asset depletion programs can also qualify your business as well as your personal bank (100% gross deposits) accounts on either a 6 month, 12 month, or 24 month bank statement program to maximize your credit profile for better credit grades, more buying power to help you qualify for more options; better terms, more loan programs, and additional credit for higher LTV's, higher loan amounts, etc.

Title Modified Date
Alternative Income Documentation Jumbo Program 01 November 2019
Asset Depletion Program 18 January 2020
Asset Depletion Program to 2 Million 01 November 2019
Asset Depletion Super Jumbo Mortgage 19 January 2020
Asset Qualifier Jumbo Loan 18 January 2020
Bank Statement Loan 580 Credit Score 01 March 2019
Bank Statement Loan 600 Credit Score 01 November 2019
Bank Statement Mortgage to $10,000,000 18 January 2020
Bank Statements / Asset Depletion to 3 Million 18 January 2020
Bank Statements | Jumbo Mortgage - Interest Only 18 January 2020
Non-Prime Bank Statement Loan 19 January 2020
Non-Prime Lite Doc 18 January 2020
Non-QM Low Doc Jumbo 18 January 2020
Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) | Jumbo Program 18 January 2020
Portfolio Jumbo Low Doc - One Year P&L Statement Only 01 November 2019
Portfolio Mortgage Programs 19 January 2020
Second Mortgage $350,000 01 November 2019
Stated Income / Verified Assets 680 Credit Score 2 Million 03 January 2020
Stated Income / Verified Assets Super Jumbo 01 November 2019
True No Doc Home Loan 01 November 2019