Niche Loan Programs

Niche mortgage loan programs for self-employed borrowers as well as W-2 borrowers. Niche loan programs are special because of unique guidelines that allow for certain leniency as it pertains to that specific loan program. An example of a niche loan program or niche underwriting guideline is a 55% Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio; This is a difference between a Qualified and Non-Qualified (Non-QM) mortgage loan. Here you will see detailed information on mortgage loan products that have been designed meet a specific need of an individual borrower or deficiency within a particular borrowers' overall credit profile. This is important information you should know if you're seeking a solution for your mortgage loan qualification needs. A good loan officer understands that standard underwriting guidelines aren't for everyone.

Title Modified Date
Jumbo 1.2 Million Southern Ca 14 May 2018
95 Percent Financing 500 Credit Score 08 June 2018
Commercial Loan Jumbo 80% LTV to 5 Million 15 June 2018
Jumbo Investor Loan 75% LTV 720 Credit Score 15 June 2018
Super Jumbo Mortgage Manual Underwrite 01 November 2018
Business Purpose Mortgage Loan 04 December 2018
Bank Statement Super Jumbo Loan 04 December 2018
Alternative Income Documentation Jumbo Program 04 December 2018
Portfolio Jumbo - Stated Income 04 December 2018
Bank Statement Loan 580 Credit Score 04 December 2018
Hard Money 5 Million Owner Occupied 04 December 2018
No Seasoning Requirement for Short Sale or Foreclosure 04 December 2018
Asset Depletion Program to 2 Million 04 December 2018
Bank Statement Loan 600 Credit Score 04 December 2018
Hard Money Super Jumbo Florida 04 December 2018
Stated Income Verified Assets Owner Occupied Jumbo 04 December 2018
Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) Jumbo Program 04 December 2018
Jumbo Bank Statement Loan 2 Million 07 December 2018
Non-Qualified Mortgages 18 December 2018
Non-Prime Bank Statement Loan 26 December 2018
600 Credit Score Jumbo Mortgage Program 06 January 2019
Non-QM Low Doc Jumbo 06 January 2019
24 Months Bank Statements Business or Personal 06 January 2019
Inherited Property Loan Program 06 January 2019