Loan Programs that do not Require Form 4506-T

We have many loan programs that do not require tax returns or Form 4506-T. At no point before the approval, during escrow or after closing will a 4506-T form be executed. Below are some examples of these loan programs.

Self-employed folks who write off their business expenses (naturally) should not be expected to provide their tax returns to qualify for a home loan. If a W-2 employee has the chance to obtain mortgage credit, so should self-employed business owners. Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) lenders make this possible. Learn your options. See below for some examples of what is available to you. We're here not to just to inform borrowers of their options but also to help make it happen. We are a network of mortgage professionals and we're here to serve you. Knowledge is power and service is key.

24 Months Bank Statements Business or Personal 07 November 2018
90% LTV - $1,500,000 - 4 Months Reserves 10 November 2018
90% LTV 12 Months Bank Statements 07 November 2018
Asset Qualifier Jumbo Loan 15 June 2018
Bank Statement Super Jumbo Loan 01 November 2018
Business Purpose Mortgage Loan 07 November 2018
Investor Loan - No Doc 15 June 2018
Non-QM Low Doc Jumbo 09 November 2018
Portfolio Jumbo - Stated Income 01 November 2018
Portfolio Jumbo Low Doc - 1 Year P&L Statement Only 07 November 2018
Private Money 70% LTV 15 June 2018
Stated Income / Verified Assets 680 Credit Score 2 Million 15 June 2018
Stated Income / Verified Assets Super Jumbo 15 June 2018