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First Time Home Buyer Jumbo loan

Jumbo Purchase Loan for the First-Time Homebuyer to $1,000,000
Purchase and Cash Out Refinance
Loan Amount / Cash Reserves/Liquid Assets Requirements:
1 million – 6 months reserves (Equal to 6 months of housing expense, principle, interest, tax, and insurance)
$1,500,000 – 9 Months Reserves
$2,000,000 – 12 Months Reserves
$2,500,000 – 18 Months Reserves
$1,000,000 maximum loan amount for first time home buyer

Acceptable income:
Rental Income
Child Support
Note Income
Capital Gains
Stocks Options
Cash Out Available for Second Home

Available terms:
15 Year Fixed
30 Year Fixed
5/1 Year ARM
7/1 Year Arm
5/1 Year ARM
Underwriting Notes:
Mortgage Insurance Needed
10% Maximum Gift Funds OK
Down Payment Sourced:
Equity Gift – OK
Seller Contributions OK
Gift Funds OK
Credit Notes:
No bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale
Minimum 2 open tradelines
Construction to permanent ok
Broker credit report ok (no extra credit check)
Detached Condos OK
Available in all 50 states

Ref# 147 525012215

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