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Jumbo Hard Money to 3-Million 80% LTV

High LTV Hard Money Jumbo Loan

This hard money residential loan features an extremely high loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 80%. Most hard money lenders max out at 65%, sometimes 70%. So, 80% is significant and speaks to the aggressive nature of this hard money lender and this hard money loan program and can be applied to a variety of loan types including Fix and Flip, Blanket Loan, Bridge Loan, Construction, and can also be used as a means to bail a borrower out of any “housing event”; Short Sale, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Notice of Default (NOD), Notice of Sale (NOS). Below you can see the unique underwriting guideline highlights specific to this loan program

Form 4506-T Not Required

Maximum LTV: 80%

Maximum Loan Amount: $12,000,000. Exceptions made to $25,000,000

Exceptions Made to $20,000,000


* Purchase

* Refinance: Rate/Term and Cash Out

* Blanket

* Bridge

* Fix and Flip

Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupied Only

Available Terms

12 Months

18 Months

24 Months


Eligible Property Types:

* Single Family Residence (SFR) – Detached

* Single Family Residence (SFR) – Attached

* 1-4 Units

* 2-4 Unit

* Condos and Non-Warrantable Condos

* Condotels to 65% LTV

* Townhomes

* Manufactured Homes

* Mixed Use Properties

* Unconventional Property Types

* Dome Homes

* Modern Style

* Historical

* Log Homes

Available in the Following States:

Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South, Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Reference# – 55214

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