Jumbo Cash Out to $2,500,000

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  • Purchase
  • Refinance Rate and Term
  • Refinance Cash Out - no maximum on the cash to the borrower 

Loan Amounts:

$2,500,000 Maximum

LTV - 85% Maximum


  • Owner Occupied
  • Vacation Home / Second Home

Property Types:

  • SFR
  • Condo - less than 4 stories 


  • 5 year ARM
  • 7 Year ARM

No Pre-payment Penalty. Pay the loan off at any time without incurring a penalty or early termination fee.

Minimum Required Credit Score: 640 Minimum

Credit Notes:

Bankruptcy - 2 years seasoning required.

Foreclosure- 2 years seasoning required

Short Sale- 2 years seasoning required

Loan Modification- 2 years seasoning required