Non-Qualified Mortgage (Non-QM) - Jumbo Programs

Income Documentation: Asset Utilization and Cash-Flow (bank statements) Program - Creative Financing

This loan program is designed for borrowers who fall just outside Prime Jumbo

Income Documentation for self-employed borrowers and or W2 Commission Employee

2 Options:

  • Bank Statements - 24 months business bank account or 12 months personal bank account with or without Asset Depletion (asset utilization)

Low Doc

  • 1 year W-2 and/or 1-year tax return (stand-alone or in conjunction) with YTD Profit & Loss (P&L) - Borrower Prepared and unaudited

Bank Statements and Low Doc programs are for self-employed borrowers only. Co-borrower W-2 employee OK for Low Doc - 1 year W-2 in lieu of the traditional 2 year requirement

Max Debt-to-Income ratio: (DTI) 50% based on and/or (stand-alone or in conjunction) liquid assets, cash-flow and real estate portfolio equity

Loan Purpose percentage of financing

Purchase - 10% Down Payment

Refinance - 90% LTV

Cash Out Refinance - 85% LTV


Minimum Mortgage Credit Score: 660 (middle score)

4 years seasoning required on Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, n Modification

Loan Amounts

$2,500,000 maximum


reference - 1245587