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Reduced Doc - 12 Month Employment Verification

One year employment and one year income. Reduced Doc mortgages are for people with less than two years employment history and can be self-employed, W2 wage earner, 1099(s), or any combination thereof. What this means to you is you only need to provide one year of employment verification documentation instead of the standard two-year history requirement.

Super Jumbo Investor Mortgage | DSCR

Unconventional Mortgages and Loans | Real Estate Investor (DSCR) Loan Program Debt Service Coverage Ratio – 620 Minimum Credit Score * Maximum LTV 85% Purchase

Debt Service Coverage No Ratio

DSCR – Real Estate Investor Program to $5,000,000 Employment Not Required. Income – Rental Leases or Appraisal. Traditional Income Documentation Not Required. Debt-to-Income Ratio Not

One Year Tax Return Income Program

1 Year Tax Return Program Reduced doc loan program is for both W2 Wage Earner and Self-Employed borrowers. 1099 Only loan programs also available. Income

Non-Prime Non-Qualified Loan Programs

Non-Prime Mortgage Lender Programs and Highlights Now you can use your 1099(s) for to qualify (sole proprietor) as additional income/”ability to repay” Non-Prime – Alt

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Program

Business Purpose Investor Loan Programs Loan programs for home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance, rate/Term and Cash Out their Single-Family Residence, Condo or Multi-Unit

Bank Statement Loans – 2023

Bank Statements for all Self-Employed Borrowers ** April 2023 Updates * Purchase, Rate/Term, and Cash Out to $12,000,000 Key Benefits Bank Statement Mortgages: * Personal

12 Month Bridge Loan

12 Month Bridge Program Lending Partner with the Flexibility to Deliver Results 12 Month Bridge Loan allows Borrowers Access to the Equity in their Property

90% LTV – ITIN Investors

Foreign Nationals are buying properties now more than ever which means good & effective Buying Power for the foreign national and also more and more

6 Month Bank Statement Mortgage Programs

Six Month Bank Statement Loan – 680 Credit Score Designed for investors, this Bank Statement Loan program is ideal for borrowers that have experienced significant growth in

Super Jumbo Investor Loan

Super Jumbo Real Estate Investor Loan Program to $5,000,000 This investor program was created for seasoned professional Business Purpose Real Estate Investors for most property

DSCR .75% Jumbo Mortgage

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan Program Guidelines and Requirements Experienced Real Estate Investors – 25 Financed Properties – OK Most investor loan programs will max

Stand-Alone Second Mortgage

Alt Doc – Second Mortgage Bank Statement Mortgage Loan Stand-Alone Second Mortgage Program (cash out can be used to meet reserve requirement) This product is

Non-Prime Lite Doc

Lite Doc – One Tear Tax Returns to Qualify Previous Year W2 30 Days Paycheck Stubs including YTD. 30 Days’ Paycheck Stubs Including YTD 4506-T

One Year Tax Returns to 90% LTV

Reduced Doc | 12 Months Reduced Income Documentation and Reduced Employment Verification Documentation We can help new business owners or self-employed borrowers who experienced a

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Loan

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Loan Jumbo Second Mortgages CLTV (Combined Loan-to-Value) / Loan Amount * 85% CLTV / $250,000 * 80% CLTV / $350,000 *

Non-QM Low Doc Jumbo

Non-Qualified Mortgage Jumbo Programs This Non-QM mortgage product is from a Portfolio lender and is unique unseasoned employment and super jumbo loan amounts. Non-QM Income

Bridge and Hard Money Loans

A lender committed to providing gap financing solutions 1st and 2nd Loan Packages Cross collateralization for larger loan sizes Fast underwriting decisions and funding Additional

Alternative Income Documentation

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