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Unconventional Refinance Loans

In addition to traditional refinance options, we specialize in Non-QM mortgage alternatives, offering flexibility beyond conventional lending criteria. Non-QM loans cater to borrowers who do not qualify for standard mortgage guidelines, featuring adaptable underwriting and financing solutions. Our Non-QM programs ensure an easy mortgage process and serve as an alternative financing solution for borrowers who fall outside traditional lending parameters. Understanding the unique criteria of Non-QM loans is crucial, including flexible income and credit requirements.

If you are self-employed, and want to learn more, you should take a look at these alt doc programs:

Bank Statement Programs, Stated Income Programs, No Doc Programs, Asset Depletion/Asset Utilization Programs, Lite Doc, and Reduced Doc programs.

Non-QM Refinance Advantages

Manual underwriting: Utilized when a loan is otherwise eligible for manual underwriting, providing flexibility in certain cases.

Refinance Requirements: Varies based on the type of refinance chosen, loan program, and the purpose behind refinancing.

Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines: Essential for mortgage underwriters to comprehend thoroughly, encompassing both new and existing regulations.

Underwriting Process: Lenders employ underwriting to determine mortgage approval or denial, crucial in the mortgage application process.

Eligibility: Homeowners can qualify with a mortgage LTV up to 97% and a DTI of 65% or less.

Refi Possible: Offers flexible underwriting requirements, including no minimum requirement for Loan Product Advisor and manually underwritten mortgages. If you have several outstanding bills, you may want to consider refinancing your home and using the cash to consolidate and pay off your other high interest rate debts. The monthly savings could be substantial.

Using the equity in your home may be accessed through cash out refinance. Can help you evaluate the potential benefits and qualifications necessary for a new home loan.

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