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To Rescore is to correct or update at all 3 repositories; modify credit scores in 72 hours or less.

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A national credit association study discovered more than 90% of repository credit files contained errors, and most of those errors will reduce your credit score.

Of course, you can personally notify the depository, but the process can be very slow – more than 30 days if everything is done properly the first time, and as long as 90 days if there are problems or issues. If you’re qualifying for a new mortgage loan, you just can’t wait that long.

With our re-score service, our customer service department works directly with the repositories to get corrections made. Usually, the corrected credit report is ready to pull in 72 hours or less.

Since the corrected credit is usually higher, more applicants can qualify for the best loan products at the best pricing. This is the quickest way to improve your credit score.


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