Small Business Loan for the Retail Industry

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Non-collateralized Short Term Loan Program


Terms Overview

Loan Amounts $5,000 - $120,000
Terms Available 6 Months to 12 Months
Points 12 to 20
Payment Schedule Fixed Daily
Payment Method ACH Direct Debit
Approval Turn Time 24 Hours
Security Personal Guarantee
Collateral Zero
Funding Turn Time 3 to 5 Days













Qualifying focus: bank statement cash flow

Target Market - "retail"

Preferred industries: hardware stores, grocery stores, computer stores, liquor stores, department stores, gas stations, sporting goods, art dealers, restaurants, tire dealers, flooring covering stores, paint and wallpaper, appliances and electronics, nursery and garden, pharmacy and drug, Optical goods, clothing and apparel, musical instruments, florist shops, mobile home dealers, hotels and motels

Loan Amounts:

Maximum Loan Amount - $120,000

Minimum loan amount - $5,000

To get an idea as to how much of a loan amount you'll qualify for with this lender will either be your daily bank balance times 4 or about 60% of 2 average monthly balances. So if you take a look at your last 6 months bank statements, take the 2 highest months, set them aside. Then take the 2 lowest months and set those aside. Then take the remaining 2 and add those together. Pretty simple stuff. This lender has their own proprietary risk model that will generate an over-all credit risk score which will determine the actual maximum loan amount as well as the maximum term which will dictate the cost of the loan. Exceptions are made every day. We make the file look as pretty as we can before submitting to the lender pointing out any and all compensation factors as it pertains to pricing and terms. These exceptions are made based on these merits.

Underwriting Guideline Overview:

Minimum time in business – 2 years
Minimum Credit Risk score is 610 (proprietary credit risk model)
Open tax lien OK if in a payment plan

Personal Credit Notes:

Bankruptcies – 2 years
Foreclosures – 2 years

Home and business mortgage or rent must be less than 30 days past due; not 31 days.
> 2 years seasoning on primary residence foreclosure

Open tax liens are OK if they are in a documented payment plan 80% of ownership must personally guarantee the loan
Cash Flow Guidelines:
Minimum volume of monthly deposits - $10,000
Minimum number of monthly deposits - 15
Minimum daily balance average - $3,000

NSF's (non-sufficient funds) Guidelines

Previous month - 5 maximum

Previous 3 months – 10 maximum

Previous 6 months - 15 maximum

Negative balance days - 3 maximum

Previous month – 6 maximum

Previous 3 months – 6 maximum

Previous 6 months – 12 maximum

Fee Schedule:

With this lender, you're going to pay anywhere from 13 to 20 points.


Loan amount, $50,000. Repay amount would be between $57,500 (13 points) and $60,000 (20 points). Pricing terminology: you can call it an interest rate (simple interest) or you can call it points, basically the same thing.

Early Pay Off Discount:

Early pay-off discounts are available which will save the merchant money if you can pay it off early. Some lenders don't have this option. When that's the case, I always suggest just hanging onto the money in order to maximize the time value. But at the same time, if you want to get it off the books, you can just send a check for the balance. Once you're 40% paid in, you're then eligible for an additional round of funding at a lower price point and longer term.


Mortgage brokers/lenders perform acts for which a real estate license is required.