Small Business Loan | Benefits to the Business Owner

The Micro Business Loan and the Merchant Cash Advance programs allow the business to leverage future sales to finance current needs or obligations.

Why Consider This Type of Service and Loan Programs?

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Flexible payments accommodate any budget or situation – our products are designed with cash-flow in mind. These loans aren't designed to hurt the business, but to keep you in a healthy cash Flow position so you can manage your daily operations and at the same time, handle your business with the cash injection/loan. Our goal is to never affect more than 7%-13% of clients’ sales on a daily basis. With the MCA product, for example, the repayment is based on the future success of the business, there is no fixed payment. The repayment will fluctuate based on future bankcard revenue.

No Compounding interest – merchant receives peace of mind knowing there will be no adjustable interest rate, balloon note or additional fees or interest to compound for the life of the program.

Renewable source of capital – this unique business loan program is renewable as does not have to be 100% repaid before the merchant is eligible for more for additional funding. Typically, the merchant needs to be 60% repaid in order to qualify for another advance.

Mortgage brokers/lenders perform acts for which a real estate license is required.